75th Anniversary

Are you one of, or related to, one of our founding families of St. Michaels?  

Do you have memories of attending Mass in a dance hall or the Quonset hut, parish picnics at Murphy’s Party Barn, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the Quonset hut, construction of our grotto, the opening of our school, a special school event, your first communion, going through RCIA, Festivals or any other memory about St. Michael’s that you would like to share?  As we celebrate our parish 75th anniversary, our History Committee is in process of collecting this information for their archives.  If you have something to share, whether it be a special story, photos or literature from a memorable event (possibly with written descriptions, dates, etc.), we would appreciate having it?  If you would like to submit any materials, want to know more about our parish history or would like to help on the history committee, please contact Alex Jamieson at 614-288-6402, or via email at [email protected].