On February 10, 1946, founding pastor Father John P. Byrne offered the first Mass for the newly established St. Michael the Archangel Parish at the Josephinum chapel for 128 parishioners. In May of 1946, St. Michael Parish moved to the first of several buildings at its current location at 5750 N High Street in Worthington, Ohio, and in September of that same year, a school was opened with 44 students.

Today, St. Michael Parish is a vibrant community of over 1,400 families drawn from Worthington and other nearby central Ohio communities including NW Columbus, Powell, Lewis Center, Galena, and Westerville. With a large number of active Parish organizations, a thriving school, and a beautiful Romanesque-style church, St. Michael parish inspires people to “Rise Up Now!” and become active disciples to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

Who is St. Michael?

Saint Michael the Archangel and warrior of God, is the Defender of the Faith and the Protector of the Universal Church. He defeated Lucifer and cast him out of heaven. His name means “who is like unto God.” As Christians we pray each day that he stands with us through this life and beyond.

Protector and Guardian of souls, Saint Michael was God’s first angel. As prince among all of the angels and archangels he gives us courage, strength, and integrity, protecting the Church and all Christians with his shield and flaming sword. Saint Michael glorifies God not only through his own actions, but also in helping others understand and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

As the Defender of the Faith, our patron Saint Michael the Archangel serves to inspire us to be Catholic disciples who are on fire for the Lord and to fulfill the threefold mission of Jesus in our lives by being active participants in our community who live a Sacramental life, Share our faith, and Serve others in love.


The Threefold Mission of Jesus

The offices of priest, prophet, and king are fulfilled by Jesus Christ. By virtue of our Baptism in Him, we are called to share in and fulfill this threefold mission. We do this in the following ways:


By offering a generous spirit of sacrifice of ourselves to God in our daily work and dedication to our families. We share in the priestly role by participating in the Sacramental life of the church and living our faith.


Through teaching in our families, the workplace, and sharing our faith whenever opportunity presents itself. We are called to spread the Gospel and evangelize.


In serving others we emulate Christ the perfect King who so loved his subjects: he died for them! When we perform works of mercy and charity we are serving others as Christ does.


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