In an effort to assist with requests for scheduling of events and activities at St. Michael Parish and School, and, at the recommendation of the Diocese of Columbus for issues of safety, accountability, and liability, I am posting this new Facilities/Sacred Religious Space Use Policy document. This policy goes into effect on 4/1/2017. While this policy may limit and even change what has been done in the past by some, it is intended to reflect a better sense of the times in which we now live and correct presumptions that we can no longer take for granted. I know that no policy, no matter how well thought out, is perfect and can guarantee 100% effectiveness, but it is my hope that this new policy will assist all to be attentive to the common good of the parish. If there are any questions regarding this policy, please contact me through the parish office.

I would like to thank those members of the Parish Finance Council and my parish staff who assisted in developing this policy. Your work and counsel are greatly appreciated.

In Christ,

Fr. Anthony A. Dinovo, Jr.






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