Divorce Support Group

Our Divorce Support Group in Worthington, OH is a 12-week program for finding the Peace, Power, and Passion that may have been lost to divorce. During this program, top Catholic personalities bring hope, healing, wisdom, and even wit to those who are separated or divorced.

When a Catholic divorces civilly, there’s a real divorce; a tearing apart of marriage and family, and a rip in the fabric of the whole human family. There is great loss, pain, and suffering. Every divorced or separated Catholic needs our love, support, and understanding. Not our judgment and finger-wagging.

Divorced Catholics need someone to lovingly lead them to the Truth. There is hope – and abundant mercy – for Catholics who have failed in their marriages.

Too many people stay stuck in their pain and don’t know how to find their way “home” after the breakdown of the marriage. The program was created to move the divorced or separated Catholic past the pain of divorce, so they can find the Love that truly satisfies in the Sacraments: intimate encounters with the Love that never leaves, never fails.

Topics included in the series include shock, denial, fear, anger, depression, loneliness, financial issues, battles in court, custody and visitation, annulment, dating again, marriage, sex, chastity, and singleness.

The series features divorced Catholic men and women who share their inspiring, true stories. Unlike any other program, the series also includes the counsel of some of the brightest and best in Catholic media:

  • Dr. Ray Guarendi: Catholic psychologist, host of “The Doctor Is In” on Ave Maria Radio; EWTN TV show host of “Living Right with Dr. Ray”
  • Father Mitch Pacwa: EWTN television host, author, and a child of divorce
  • Father Donald Calloway: Author, speaker, and a child of divorce
  • Christopher West: Theologian, author, speaker on Theology of the Body
  • Father Steve Porter: Seasoned spiritual director and host of “Divine Intervention”

For further information or to register for the program, please contact Mary Massie or Mary Sue Pichert at: [email protected] (please include your phone number if you want us to contact you).