We deep clean the church, narthex, baptistery, and sacristy / sanctuary. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall, we schedule to meet on consecutive Mondays, focusing on a different part of the church each Monday until the entire church is cleaned.

Depending on the number of workers we wash pews and kneelers, survey the kneelers for malfunctions, remove candlewax after Easter vigil, polish marble, clean doors and windows, the confessionals, and lightly mop the floor. This is somewhat strenuous work: there is a lot of bending, climbing on stools, reaching, etc. And all the while we are in good company. Volunteers typically bring their own cleaning supplies.

The ultimate goal was inspired by Fr. Arcuri. When asked how the sisters keep the convent so fresh and clean he said, “The official term is ‘convent clean.’” We wondered what that meant and he replied, “They clean the corners.”

To “Rise Up Now!” and help keep our church “convent clean”, please contact the parish office at (614) 885-7814 / [email protected] and leave a message for Rosemary Trelease.


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