Dear Parishioners,

This weekend, at the end of all Masses, we will have our annual Missionary Co-operative Appeal in conjunction with the Diocesan Missions Office. Dr. Amine Kidane, a member of St. Michael Parish, will make an appeal on behalf of The Catholic Eparchy of Keren in Eritrea (East Africa).

Eritrea, located on the Horn of Africa, has a population of about 3.5 million. The population of the area covered by the Diocese of Keren is 450,000, of which about 12% Catholic and 80% Muslim.

The Diocese of Keren is located in an arid, semi-desert, rocky, rugged mountainous region and is ravaged with frequent droughts. Often even finding drinking water is a challenge. As our people continue to struggle with difficulties that hamper development at every turn, the Catholic Church is a beacon of hope that provides pastoral care, runs clinics, feeds malnourished children, cares for expecting mothers, orphans, those with autism, down syndrome and promotes peace and reconciliation.

The Diocese of Keren is blessed with many vocations. For the Diocese of Keren to continue its mission of spreading the Gospel, we humbly ask for prayers and generous financial support. To this end, there will be a second collection taken up after Dr. Kidane’s presentation, which will be after the Communion Rite at all Masses. To keep this collection separate from the general collection, please place your donations for this appeal in the second collection basket only. Make checks out to St. Michael Parish. All funds collected with then be directed to The Catholic Eparchy of Keren from the parish. Thank you for your generosity.

In Christ,

Fr. Anthony A. Dinovo, Jr.



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