Due the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the 10:30am Mass until further notice. The information below is for future reference.

During the 10:30 Sunday Mass, children ages 4-8 years old are invited to hear the Word of God in a manner especially prepared for children. We begin with prayer, followed by readings and reflection. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the wonder of God’s Word.

Children do not need to be registered to participate. All children present at Mass will be invited to join the Children’s Liturgy immediately before the First Reading.

If you would like to “Rise Up Now!” and help with our Children’s Liturgy, or if you have any questions, please contact Melissa Smullen at [email protected]

Volunteer to help with Children's Liturgy!

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Leaders and assistants

Role of Leader:

    • To lead the class starting with prayer, readings, the gospel and reflection. (You will be given all the tools that you need to conduct the class.)
    • Encourage the children to be open during discussion. They enjoy getting involved!

This position is rewarding! The children will make you smile or laugh (with their comments or answers); you will be amazed by their openness to God’s Word.

Role of Assistant:

    • To assist the leader by monitoring the children’s behavior. To observe and remind them to be seated (if necessary) and behave in a manner similar to attending Mass.
    • Lead the “back to mass” line. Make sure the children are walking back to mass quietly and in line formation.

This position would be perfect for an adult or teenager that enjoys working with children, or is going through confirmation and requires service work.

REQUIREMENTS: All adult volunteers must complete a Background Check and Protecting God’s Children course. See our Safe Environment page for more information. Also, volunteers must review the CLOW Outline, Catechist Handbook, Code of Conduct, and Harassment Policy and complete the Acknowledgement form (all documents included below).

Volunteers will be placed on a rotating schedule. The schedule is created every month. An email will be sent out before a scheduled is made. The coordinator will check to see if anyone is unavailable (Sunday’s) for the upcoming month. If you can’t attend your scheduled Sunday you may call or email the coordinator to find a replacement.

If you would like to volunteer as a leader or assistant, please contact Melissa Smullen at [email protected]


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