Lectors assist the worship of God through a prayerful reading of Holy Scripture to the assembled faithful during the sacred liturgy. Through proper training and a prayerful review of the lectionary, the lector helps their fellow parishioners enter more deeply into God’s word.

Do you feel called to serve as Lector (reader) at Mass?

If so, Praise God, we have great news…St. Michael is now offering quarterly training for those who are interested in being trained. The Diocese of Columbus has requested that all parishes offer training every two years for those who are active, or for those who would like to become active in ministry.

During these sessions, you will either be trained to Lector or serve as Extraordinary Minister as both training sessions will take place simultaneously. If you are interested in being trained for both, you will need to attend two different training sessions. The training sessions will be led by Fr. Thomas Herge, Deacon Klaus Fricke, and Deacon Bill Demidovich, who will prepare you to be certified for these ministries. If you’d like to attend training, please fill out the form below to get registered!

Current Lector Schedule:
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