Hello St. Michael Families!
I hope you are all doing well during this busy back to school season! As you may have heard, David Szolosi -the previous youth minister is stepping into a different job this year. St. Michael has decided to bring in seven Damascus missionaries to run a youth group every Sunday night!
High School Youth Group will be for all 8th-12th graders to come and attend.
Youth Group Kick Off is October 3rd with a free taco truck!! More information to follow.
Most importantly, we want to intentionally ask if your child would like to join the leadership team. This is not a large commitment. Your child will show up 30 minutes before to help set up and 30 minutes after for his/her feedback of the night and what we want for the following youth group Sunday! If your child is unable to come on a Sunday, that is okay, we just ask that you would let our missionaries know in advance!
To Kick off the Youth Group year, we are inviting your son/daughter to our Catholic Youth Leadership Conference ( CYLC)to launch off the year, where youth from different parishes in Columbus come together for activities, to retreat and to learn how to make youth group a place of gathering to be to be sent out and equipped in our schools, families and friends! This conference will be at Damascus Catholic Mission Campus! The conference is from August 27-29th!
For more details and to Sign Up before THIS WEDNESDAY: Damascus.net/cylc
Thank you families for being the primary catechist for your children!! We are so excited to see the year unfold.
Dorothy Allwein 
Outreach Coordinator 
Damascus Catholic Mission Campus