Men’s Faith and Fellowship Group

2022/2023 Men’s Study Information:

The Men’s Faith & Fellowship group is for men of all ages to gather, pray and learn together in the wisdom of our one holy, catholic & apostolic Church. We support each other in this endeavor to take courage in whatever state of life that one is in. 

Beginning in September 2022 and  continuing through April 2023 we are presenting the new series from Paradisus Dei entitled “The Light of Men”. There will be inspiring and challenging presentations each week from a variety of excellent Catholic speakers. 

We meet on Saturday mornings we gather in the Upper Meeting Room at 6:45am to pray the rosary and follow with a video presentation of the weekly speaker at 7:05. The presentation is followed by small group discussion with focus questions about the material presented. We close with prayer by 8:00am. 

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our email list, please contact [email protected]

Come and see the benefits to you and your family when you take the time to pray and learn with us!