Low-gluten host

Parishioners and visitors needing a low-gluten host should follow the following steps:

Stop in the Sacristy 10-15 minutes before Mass and find a member of our clergy.  If you’re not sure where the sacristy is, please ask an usher and they will be happy to assist you

Let the clergy member (priest or deacon) that you are in need of a low-gluten host

Find a seat on the right side of the church (when facing the altar) affectionately known as “The Joseph Side” because of the Joseph statue in the front

the body of christ

Follow the Communion line as you usually would

Approach the clergy or Extraordinary Minister distributing Communion who has a special pyx clipped on to the ciborium (see photo)

Point to the pyx that contains the low-gluten host once you are at the front of the line. At that point, the minister will hold up the Host and say “The Body of Christ” and will place it on your palm or tongue once you respond “Amen”. Immediately consume the Host and follow the Communion line as usual

Questions? Would like to speak to a clergy member about this, please feel free to call the parish office at 614-885-7814 and ask to be connected to a priest and they will be happy to help you

Where do we get our Low-Gluten hosts?
Our Low-Gluten Hosts are made by Cavanaugh which are approved for use in the Catholic Mass by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. According to their website, “The baking of the low gluten wafers is done in a dedicated bakery using positive air pressure to create a room that is totally free of contaminants. The equipment is also dedicated to low gluten baking and is not used for regular altar bread production. They are packaged in boxes of 25 individually wrapped wafers to prevent cross-contamination in transit and while stored. They are made of gluten-free wheat starch and water. The gluten content of our low gluten wafer is below 20 parts per million making it truly gluten-free. However, due to FDA regulations, we cannot label these breads gluten-free because they are made from wheat”.